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“We can all make a difference in the lives of others in need, because it is the most simple of gestures that make the most significant of differences.”

―Miya Yamanouchi



My Afya is a technology company based in Kenya that focuses on improving the health and safety of people having hypertension. The solution also enables pre-eclampsia risk assessment in all trimesters of pregnancy within the field of fetal and maternal healthcare.

We are committed to eliminating hypertension and its consequences. We seek to deliver innovative hypertension diagnostic solutions that are reliable and cost effective. Our purpose is to support hypertension patients better manage their condition.

The solution is the combination of the device and the application that allow you to do everything from measure, track, look at trends, and to share that data with your caregiver circle




Patients who Monitor blood pressure at home using over the counter blood pressure cuffs often forget to keep a record of the readings as they only get to know whether the blood pressure was low or high on that particular day.

The My Afya platform enables patients to record their systolic and diastolic numbers in the app. This enables them to track their trends. This application is very beneficial as it enables doctors and care providers to help the patients better manage their condition.

My Afya turns your mobile device into a personal mobile health companion. The key principle is that the smartphone will become central to a person’s life. Why not allow that device to power some of your healthcare and health management needs?

The advantage to a consumer is they no longer need to try to record their information. They are able to very easily look at trends and manage the disease more effectively. The consumers can then share their information directly from the app by email or other messaging services.

Patients with chronic diseases often forget to take their medications. Or, it may be that they can’t remember they already took their medicine. My Afya offers a medication management app that reminds patients to take their medicines. It allows the patients to share with their family members or caregivers so that if the patient does not take his medicines on time, the listed person gets a push notification informing that he/she didn’t take his medicine. There are two buttons: call or text that one can use to intervene.

The application helps to improve communication between doctors and patients and nudge the sick to more closely follow their treatment plans. My Afya offers clinics a quicker path to healthier patients. But part of Moore’s pitch is that by streamlining the interaction between providers and patients, it will save hospitals big bucks.

My Afya targets to have at least 5,000 patients using its platform by December 2016.


It is estimated that nearly half Kenyan adults have raised blood pressure with the majority of them being men making it one of the highest prevalence rates across Africa. Only 20 % are aware of their hypertensive status and only about 20% of them seek medical control.

Most High Blood Pressure patients in Kenya are caught unaware by the disease despite a 2014 survey which established that Africa has highest hypertension prevalence of 46 percent globally where nearly one in three African adults is a victim.

High blood pressure is most common problem in the country leading to blood vessel and eye damage, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure because it has no symptoms for early detection. Most victims are completely unaware of the disease and much sensitization is needed

Many of those examined had been living with the condition unknowingly given the nature of the hypertension being asymptomatic. The number of people developing high blood pressure in the country is on an upward trajectory, largely attributed to unhealthy lifestyle.

My Afya is an innovative program aimed at reaching out to high blood pressure patients in Kenya by educating and raising awareness and innovatively making screening services available and more affordable.


  1. High prevalence
  2. Low awareness rates
  3. late diagnosis hence complications
  4. Low rates of initiations to therapy
  5. Poor retention to therapy
  6. Vicious circle of morbidity and mortality


  1. Education and awareness – This will be through conduction of awareness raising activities in communities to encourage people to be screened and have treatment if needed
  2. Access and affordability – By innovatively making screening services available and more affordable


Wambui Murimi


Born and raised in a remote village in Nyeri County, Wambui Murimi is the perfect example of what determination and persistence can lead to. She has been the operations manager at Kleva Solutions since 2012 and her expertise has made the company grow locally and expand internationally.

She is also the founder of green villages, an initiative that mainly focuses on rural women empowerment and also educate them on ways to better manage their farms while at the same time conserving the environment.

Victor Mwenda

Lead Developer

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Graphic designer